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Marble Processing and Worldwide Disposal


In 2013, Michael Galanis, Athanasios Galanis and Constantina- Irini Galanis founded the Private Capital Company “MVM GALANIS P.C.”.

The Administration Offices as well as the Production Departments of the company are located in the Industrial Park of Prosotsani in the region of Drama city, northern Greece.

Our activities include processing of the marble with state of the art machinery and disposal of the final product to our clients.

We ensure the high quality of the products thanks to our team’s experience and meticulous product inspection.

The big capacity of marble supplies enables us to undertake big and demanding projects.

We specialize in THASSOS, VOLAKAS, ALIVERI and LEIVADIA Marbles.


Facilities, Production and Machinery

In our site that covers 15.000 m², are located the Administration offices and the two Production Departments of our company.

The factory covers 3.000 m² and is separated in two buildings. We have one Department where we cut the blocks and produce the slabs and tiles and another one where the polishing process of the slabs and tiles is made.

Our company uses high-tech machinery in order to provide final products of excellent quality to our customers.

Our equipment comprises: two gang saws, four tiles cutter tables, two polishing lines for tiles, one polishing line for slabs and resin line, forklifts, crane etc.

  • Client Trust

    We aim to create long-term relations with our clients, built on trust and respect by providing them the best quality and by being receptive to their needs and demands.

  • Investments and Expansion

    We are constantly seeking for new investments and ways to expand our market opportunities in order to be competitive and acquire deep knowledge and experience.

  • Training and Development

    The objective of ”MVM GALANIS P.C.” is the continuous training of the company’s workforce and renewal of the machinery so that we provide high level quality services to our clients.

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